Lisles Regiment

Living History and small displays

Battles are not the only presentation we do. Lisles do small scale displays ranging from displays of drill and talks to living history camps and sieges. We can provide tents, cooking displays, drill for kids and a busy campsite.

Cooking for the troops

We can provide:

  • Skirmishes
  • Displays of camp life
  • Talks from the senior Siege Engineer
  • Talks explaining the dress of the 17th century soldier from recent recruit to experienced officer
  • Displays of arms and drills
  • Artillery
  • Drill sessions for kids with kid sized weapons

Living history displays and small scale displays. If you are interested in having Sir George Lisle's regiment at your event please use the contact emails at the bottom of the page.

Scarborough Castle siege and Living History

Meeting the enemy

The garrison issue forth

A desperate ploy

Troops ready to assault the castle

Storm the walls

Almost over the walls

Mobile firepower

Driven off

A show of force

Infantry drill

Pike advance towards their foe

Infantry gun to clear the walls

Give fire!

siege miner

Miner taking a break

Off duty

Taking a breather

Downtime between assaults

Camp Life

Cook remonstrates with a petty thief

camp life

Not gambling

camp life

Food preparation

camp life

Soldiers will wager

Off duty

camp life

A peacefull scene

camp life

Waiting for the return

camp life

Fresh from Virginia

camp life

Waiting for the commanders to meet

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