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Lisles offer roles to suit all new recruits. There are many options from musket to support services to pike to drummers. There will be something that will challenge and inspire you. For your first few events you can borrow clothing and equipment. As you gain experience you can purchase or commission all that you need. When you do go around the merchants it is a good idea to take advice from experienced members. Joining is easy and we have weekend memberships available to allow you to try it out at a reduced rate. Weekend memberships have nearly always resulted in conversions to annual memberships

Regiment in action

The Shot


The musket division consists of men and women. To join the ranks of the musket you start out with a non-firing 'dummy' musket. This means that you will start as a “dummy” musketeer and go onto the battlefield with what is called a “dummy” musket (one that doesn't fire). As you get a feel for the battlefield you get the opportunity to train on firing weapons and you begin to assemble your equipment. You will learn all the safety requirements that you need to know and have time to complete all the necessary paperwork to own a shotgun and acquire and use blackpowder. When the Musket Officer thinks you are competent enough they will arrange for you to take the musket safety test. If you pass you can get your own musket and take to the field as a live-firing musketeer.

A volly

The Pike


The pike provide protection for the musket when threatened by horse. Pike are also the shock infantry of the seventeenth century and are used to punch through opposing formations. The physicality and camaraderie within the pike is intense and has to be experienced to be believed. It is easy to join the ranks of the pike. Equipment is available to borrow, training is given in weapon handling and how to act in close formation and drill sessions keep us all working together. Lisle's have a proud tradition of pike fighting and we are very proud of our reputation.

Close engagement



The drums of a seventeenth century regiment do several things. The different drum calls are used to transmit orders within regiments and from senior officers, the pace of the drum beat indicates the speed of the march and the body of drums act in conjunction with the colours as the rallying point of the regiment. The drummers were treated as non commissioned offivers and were educated and able to act as couriers and sometimes spies. To join the ranks of our drummers you will be able to borrow a drum to start with. Once you have some experience you will be able to purchase drums from specialist suppliers.



We field an infantry gun. All guns in the Sealed Knot have names, ours is called Chaos. The carriage and ironworks were all built over 7 days by the members of the regiment to a design researched by Jim Parkes. Since then the gun has taken the field across the country. The artillery crew welcome new people who want to make a lot of noise. To start with all you need are your clothes. You will start out handling ram, worm or mops and providing motive power. Once you get more experienced and you have a powder license you can help with the handling of the gunpowder. At all times our gun crews are trained for the tasks they have and operate under the command of a qualified gun captain.

Very loud



As we take part in re-enactments we need people looking after us as we fight. These support services are vital. In the Civil War armies were followed and supported by baggage traynes and this is a good umbrella term. The members of the baggage (or Fish wife and fish fingers as they are affectionately known) follow the fighting divisions providing water, tying laces, cutting down broken weapons, dishing out sweeties and acting as immediate first aid. A vital part of the battlefield and presentation team. To join the baggage you will need your male clothes. To start with you will get teamed up with an experienced member to show you the ropes and keep you safe.

Support Services

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