Lisles Regiment

Friends family and fun

After the displays are done

Displays and re-enactment are not the whole of life in Lisles. For a collection of individuals from all walks of life and spread across all of the UK we are a very close knit group. More of an extended family than a re-enactment regiment. We have common interests and enjoy the camaraderie of working hard together to produce quality displays and shows. We are joined together by our desire to be the best at whatever we do. The glue that keeps us together is having fun. Re-enactment is a great hobby and the presentation and displays are serious. Once these are over you are left in a field somewhere in the countryside with many mates around you ready to have some fun.

Lisles about to have fun

We are a family friendly regiment. Many of our members have children and grandchildren. Some have grown up in the regiment and we have four generations of the same family at events quite often.

Bouncy Castle Fun

After the public has gone.

Beer tent fun

Joining with the rest of the society in the beer tent. Many events have a licensed beer tent with live music. Lisles are often found jumping around to the band.

Afternoon indoor cricket with the beer tent staff

Having fun with the beer tent staff during a lazy afternoon.

Michelle and Niamah

All ages enjoy the friendship

Extended Family

Outnumbered, outgunned and outwitted

Dead Girls

The Edgehill anniversary falls near Halloween. There may be fancy dress.

Fun filled competition

Crazy olympics: A series of challenges against our friends in Budgies. From paired ski racing to human curling and water bomb battleships


Custard Pie fight: One marquee, 100's of paper plates, gallons of instant custard, an electric urn and drills with a plaster whisk and a lot of people in evening dress.

Pies and plates

Custard pies: About to kick off... Count to 10 and throw.

Pies and plates

In the middle of a pie fight.

Evening dress and custard

After the pie fight: Evening dress, custard pies and 5 minutes of mayhem.


The fun continues into the evening.

Dead Girls

Fancy dress and other reasons for frivolity. From time to time we get together in various stages of fancy dress. Some images from recent get togethers.

Circus Insane

Clowns to the right.

Dead Pirate Parkes

Zombie pirates.

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